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A great way to gain a perspective on what is happening at school, is to ask your child. Teachers communicate lots of information directly to their students, this sets children up for success by enabling them to know what they need, what they can do and how they can make something happen if needed. Family discussions

Frequently asked questions

It can be quite a daunting experience starting school, not only for a student but also a parent. There’s a lot of information to digest and processes to become familiar with so we can reassure our children (and ourselves) to feel confident and comfortable in their new environment. In an attempt to help you navigate their new start to school, I’ve compiled a list of useful tips or FAQ that I found useful through the year.

If there’s any information missing or a question you’d like answered, please let administration know via email:

Every parent is a member of the P&F Association as part of enrolling at BPS, so feel free to bring your questions or ask your class rep.

Rob Jurd – President – Parents and Friends Association

Good to know…..

  • We ask families to not enter the school before 3pm
  • Toilets for parents are in the staff room or in the Gym (do not use Children’s toilets)
  • Arriving after the bell, late arrivals must sign in at the front office. Barcode scan folder is near the front desk, listed by room number
  • P&F meets twice a term, usually at 2pm in the staff room

  • What is School Stream? (see communication section on the website)

  • Is an App that is an regularly updated and provides 24/7 access to knowledge about the whole school
  • Can be accessed online or via the app
  • Online:
  • Start by exploring Events, Newsletters and Alerts and go from there
  • Key sections in School Stream:

  • Events (worth going through and adding to your calendar)
  • Newsletters
  • Alerts
  • School Holidays and Pupil Free Days
  • What is Edsmart? (formerly Parent Paperwork)

  • These are email notifications where you may be required to act upon a request eg:permission slip for your child to do swimming or an excursion etc.

  • What is the SeeSaw App?

  • Each class teacher uploads your child’s learning experiences onto the SeeSaw app
  • You will get access to the app at the Acquaintance Night where the teacher will give you the individual QR barcode for your child and hence to register
  • It is not for organising social events nor to discuss your child’s learning
  • You can provide a ‘like’ or generic feedback to the posted activity
  • What is an Incursion?

  • It’s the opposite of an excursion (contractor comes to the school), it typically requires no parent involvement and the cost comes off the excursion levy that you pay as part of the school fees

  • How to pay your school fees?

  • Preferred method is to use the Qkr! App for all payments (see below)
  • You’ll receive an invoice via email within the first 5 weeks of starting school – the statement has the overall amount owing
  • School Fees (Materials & Services Charge) This must be paid by the due date and is legally recoverable (installment plans are available)
  • Excursion levy – This covers the costs of your child’s participation in both excursions and incursions. For any excursion/incursion throughout the year, you will be notified of the individual amount for that activity that will come of the total paid. Any surplus amounts will roll over into the new year or put to an end of year event.
  • Volunteer Building Fund – A parent donation to the volunteer fund is gratefully received. Family donations go towards providing upgrades to facilities and supporting upgrades to many areas in the school. This donation is not compulsory

  • Downloading the Qkr! App

  • See Finance Information page on this website for information on how to download this app
  • Registering your details (and your child/ren) with this app will allow you to pay for most costs relating to your child/ren’s education
  • Tapping through Burnside School to School Payments sections shows all items which can be paid using this app
  • Tapping individual items allows you to add them to a cart
  • Once all payments are added to the cart, click on checkout and payment complete

  • Parent interviews – 3 way Interview – Teacher, Parent and Student

  • Bookings are made through an online PTI portal – families are emailed the link via Edsmart
  • There is an expectation that your child will be involved in the interview
  • Specialist teacher interviews can also be booked at the same time

  • Canteen

  • Kids can order ad hoc with cash during recess and lunch
  • Lunch orders can be completed online through ($0.25 fee per order) or via the room using a brown paper bag supplied by the parent (child’s name, room number and their order written on the front with the money inside)
  • The Menu is on School Stream under Canteen

  • Uniform Shop

  • All school uniforms can be purchased online or at the school (see Uniform tab on website) JS Sports is the company who manages the uniform shop
  • The uniform shop is located behind the staff/admin building and is open during term on Wednesday afternoons from 2:45pm to 3:45pm and on Friday mornings from 8:30am to 9:30am
  • Limited second hand uniform items are available to purchase when the shop is open. All items are $5 with proceeds going to the P&F Association

  • Facebook
    BPS has a closed community facebook page. You can email if you would like to register. Please ensure you send your full parent name, child’s name and room number to be able to register

    What is Buddy Class?
    At the start of the year, each class aligns itself with a buddy class, usually a different year level. Throughout the year buddy classes share various activities and learning experiences to support working with their peers. Buddy classes also conduct one assembly per year with each other.

    What is a blue card?
    This is part of the schools behaviour development strategies and is a formal record of any serious or repeated incident


    Year 3 – 7 Swimming Carnival
    The day of Swimming Carnival is sometimes cold so pack warm clothing
    Children walk to the Burnside Swimming Centre from school
    Children may come in their ‘house’ colours otherwise school uniform is necessary
    Children usually come to school with their bathers under their clothing, this saves over 500 children changing clothes at the pool
    Spare warm clothing or a rug can be provided
    Please pack their lunch and some spare snacks
    Students cannot use the kiosk at the pool
    Parents must let their child’s class teacher know if they will be taking their child home directly from the pool

    Harmony Day – 21st March
    Children can wear orange clothing or a traditional costume to celebrate cultural diversity within Australia

    French Assembly
    Students can come dressed in red, white and blue or wear traditional french style clothing
    An assembly is held in the gymnasium where some classes share learning around our LOTE

    Book Week
    Is in week 5 term 3
    Students dress up in the theme of book or author to celebrate the importance of reading

    Sports Day
    Students can wear house colours or school uniform.
    New students are notified by their class teacher of which house they are allocated to
    Reception students have various healthy activity stations to participate in fun activities

    Is a P&F Fundraiser
    A different theme each year
    Students ask for donations and raise money by running laps for a price.
    A one off donation can also be made.