The Library Learning Centre
Our Library/Resource Centre is open every day before school, lunchtime and after school (except Wednesday for chess). Children can browse and return books during these times except all Junior Primary students who require teacher assistance. Parents are welcome to assist children with their book selection and browse or borrow from our parent only book selection.

Book Borrowing Guidelines:

Reception and Year 1 can borrow two books
Year 2 can borrow three books
Year 3 and 4 can borrow four books
Year 5, 6 and 7 can borrow six books

All classes have borrowing session time to change books. Receptions may borrow up to three books at a time, other year levels 6 books (for a maximum of three weeks). We encourage children to change books more frequently than this.

Weekly overdue notices are given to students to remind them to return books on loan. If books are not returned after several reminders we ask for the cost of a replacement copy.

The Resource Centre is a place where the students can appreciate books as well as access a range of electronic and book resources to support their learning.

It is also where children can go at lunchtimes to join in games, puzzles and crafts. This could be an especially welcoming environment for new children to the school.

Encourage your children to value and appreciate our resources and books brought home and to care for them. We appreciate every child using a library bag to protect and maintain our resources.

Maria Tamlin – Library Technician