OSHC – Director – Leanne Kennedy
Phone: 8332 3918 – 0417 807 430
OSHC – Email – OSHC.BPS634@schools.sa.edu.au

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OSHC Enrolment Form
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OSHC Medical Conditions Policy

BPS Out of School Hours Care Centre has been providing a valuable service to parents since 1980. The Centre which is sponsored by the school’s Governing Council is located in the activity room which has been specifically modified to allow for active and passive activities. The Centre also utilises other areas of the school to ensure the students have a rich, varied and enjoyable program.

Burnside Primary School Out of School Hours Care is an approved service under the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and Regulation 20111 and is regulated by the office for Education and early Childhood Services Registration and Standards Board.

Burnside Primary School OSHC aims to provide a caring and safe environment where children are able to participate in planned experiences whilst developing socially, emotionally and intellectually. We expect children to respect people and property. Parents, Staff and Volunteers will be encouraged to participate in decision making.

Burnside Out of School Hours Care Exceeds National Quality Standard
The national Quality framework commenced at the beginning of 2012. OSHC services are assessed and rated against The national Quality Standard and The National Law and Regulations. The NQS is designed to promote the best possible level of education and care by outlining the elements that best support a child’s learning and development. In January 2017 Burnside Primary School OSHC Exceeded The National Quality Standard following a rigorous assessment of the quality of our service.

The Burnside OSHC environment is welcoming, attractive and inviting to children, educators and families. It is also flexible and adaptable to the children’s changing and ongoing needs. The learning environments are adaptable and structured to cater for the varied developmental abilities of all the children enrolled.
Our program is inclusive of the many cultures represented by our families and educators creating a strong sense of belonging.
We aim to provide a safe and caring environment where children are able to participate in planned experiences whilst developing socially, emotionally and intellectually.

A comprehensive program operates before and after school
Operating times:
Before school Care 7.15am-8.30am – $ 9.00 per child – Healthy breakfast provided
After School Care 3.10pm-6.00pm – $18.00 per child – Healthy afternoon tea provided
Vacation Care 7.15am-6.00pm – $65.00 per child – Fee includes cost of excursion and private coach hire to venue
Pupil Free Days 7.15am-6.00pm – $40.00 per day

Vacation Care is also provided during school holidays and on student free days. Vacation care is popular and fills quickly so early enrolment is recommended. A program of activities is distributed in week 8 via email and SchoolStream, or is also available directly from the OSHC centre.

Additional information and enrolment forms are available from the front office or by contacting the centre on 8332 3918.

Vacation Care
The Centre provides a recreation program during the school holidays. The program includes Centre based activities and excursions. Excursions include cinema visits, ice skating, vertical reality rock climbing, bowling, visits to theme parks, craft/cooking and sporting workshops and many more exciting activities.

Pupil Free and School Closure Days
OSHC is open on these days from 7:15am – 6:00pm. Generally these are in-house days where we program for a variety of interests including art/craft activities catering for a range of ages and abilities, organized team games in the gym, outdoor activities including walks to some of the more popular parks in our district, and of course cooking is always a favourite choice with all ages.

Child Care Benefit
The Commonwealth Government offers assistance to reduce the cost of care to families. Most families are entitled to the minimum percentage. Please contact the family Assistance Office at your nearest Centrelink service or call the family Assistance Office 136150 to register your family and your eligibility to receive Child Care Benefit can be assessed. You can chose to have your CCB as a fee reduction off your weekly accounts or as a lump sum at the end of the financial year.

OSHC Enrolment
All children using OSHC or Vacation Care must be enrolled with the service prior to attending. An enrolment form must be completed by each family for each child and updated annually. Enrolment forms can be emailed to you at your request or a hard copy can be collected from OSHC.

There are two types of enrolments available for out of school hours care.

Permanent Enrolment
Attending the same days each week of the term. A permanent enrolment secures your child’s placement at Burnside OSHC. Cancellation for up to two days in any given term will be accepted with no charges incurred. However, further cancellations will result in full fee charges. The only exception is if you are going on holidays. The service requires two weeks’ notice and fees will be waived whilst on holidays. Bookings will roll over to the next term if not changed via email.

Casual Enrolment
Infrequent, occasional attendance which is subject to availability and places cannot be guaranteed. At your earliest convenience, you need to phone, text or email OSHC to request days of attendance. The more notice that can be given will assist in securing a place.
A day’s attendance fee will be charged if children are booked in and OSHC has not been notified of their absence.

Vacation Care Enrolment
Vacation Care provides care to school age children. The service offers great fun through excursion and incursion programs as well as specialty clinics in sports and creative arts. Separate booking forms must be completed for every holiday program. Vacation care is popular and fills quickly so early enrolment is strongly recommended. A program of activities is distributed in week 8 via SchoolStream, email if preferred or a hard copy can be obtained from the service. Once Vacation Care bookings are made full fees will apply to any cancellations of booked care without a medical certificate.

OSHC Cancellation Procedure Policy (Permanent Bookings)
Burnside Primary School OSHC accepts bookings for children on a permanent basis, thereby securing places child(ren) care on specific days. This is assuming spaces are available.
Parents/Carers must inform the centre (by phone, email, personally or text) prior to 8.30am on the morning of the permanent booking in order to cancel the booking and not incur charges.
Cancellation may occur TWICE in any given term with no cost of care being incurred. However, further cancellations will necessitate usual fee charges in order to secure your child’s position.
The aim of this policy is to create increased positions for casual bookings in our centre and assist with staffing to meet requirements for staffing.