Burnside Primary School has adapted to communicating effectively with an environmental conscience.


Our School Stream app enables families to access information 24/7. Simply upload the School Stream app to your smart device or computer the access at your leisure.

School Stream has all calendar dates, events and general information which relate directly to our school and its families. It also enables us to send an immediate alert when necessary.

How to Install School Stream:


Parent Paperwork emails are often sent out from administration and/or teachers from time to time in order to distribute important updates that may require parent acknowledgement. We ask families to please ensure they contact the school if your email or address requires updating.

School newsletters can also be accessed via the website or School Stream app. Newsletters are distributed each term in weeks 3, 6 and 9.

If you require support relating to School Stream please email: Alison.Bibby847@schools.sa.edu.au


Edsmart is an email notification system where staff can send a broadcast or parent permission to families via email.
This option for communication is used when staff require an email notification to go to specific families, a class, year level, or individual student.
The recipient of an Edsmart notification may be required to respond, to enable permission for their child to be able to participate in various excursions which take place.
We ask families to support their children by reading these notifications and responding accordingly.


Teachers in various year levels communicate student learning with families via the SeeSaw app.
Each class teacher uploads your child’s learning experiences onto the SeeSaw app
You will get access to the app at the Acquaintance Night where the teacher will give you the individual QR barcode for your child and hence to register
The app is not utilised for organising social events nor to discuss your child’s learning
It is an opportunity for families to experience student learning that is taking place throughout the year.
You can provide a ‘like’ or generic feedback to the posted activity