Burnside Primary School is a DfE government school nestled in the foothills of Adelaide. Originally designed to service the children of a small rural community, its enrolment numbers have grown from 49 students in 1869 to over 800 students today.

Under the shade of majestic gum trees with its footprint established in a quiet residential community, the original school buildings sit side by side state of the art facilities, including a multi story Junior Primary Learning Centre, Gymnasium and a recently renovated Performing Arts Auditorium.

Burnside Primary has the unique geography to provide students with not only an oval and tennis courts onsite, but is also a stones throw away from the versatile sporting grounds of Newland’s Reserve and Hazelwood Park’s acclaimed swimming facilities; which can be accessed for both our Sports Day Carnival and Swimming Carnival.

Academically our strong curriculum focus also provides specialist lessons in French, Science and Physical Education; along with an extensive Music and Arts program. We have a broad variety of co-curricular opportunities and an extensive after school sporting program which is supported by a strong community of volunteers.