The Performing Arts is a specialist area within the school curriculum and is acknowledged by our school community as a highly regarded and important part of every student’s learning.

The Performing Arts program at Burnside Primary School is inclusive of every child from Reception to Year 7. Every child in the school is involved in a performing arts lesson with a specialist teacher each week. The program contains elements of singing, playing, theory, drama, critical listening and performance. We have a specialist performing arts teacher and a number of other staff and employees who compliment the program including our choir accompanist, dance teachers, private music instructors and DECD instrumental music teachers.

The Music programme at Burnside Primary School has an impact on all students at the school and has an influence on the greater community. It is evident in all classrooms, at assemblies, at school events and stands alongside other curriculum areas like Science, Sport, Literacy and Numeracy.

Music holds an important place in Burnside Primary School life.

Parents acknowledge the importance of our Art’s program and it’s impact on their children. Almost without exception when asked the things that make Burnside Primary School ‘special’ the response will include our music program.

At Burnside Primary we are able to cater for students with a talent or interest in The Arts – music, dance and drama through our innovative extra-curricular programs that have evolved over the years to now include the following:

Rock Crew
The Rock Crew showcases the amazing talent we have at Burnside Primary. Students from the upper primary section (Years 5 – 7) of the school are invited to audition for the dance group and they work with professional dance instructors over a term to choreograph dances performed by the school band – popular, well-known songs; it all comes together in a dynamic 50 minute performance. The Rock Crew tours to a number of metropolitan schools. The Rock Crew includes Enterprise Education elements as many aspects of the tour are organised by a student committee who are able to get a real taste of ‘touring band management’.

Rock Crew Band
The school Rock Crew Band invites advanced instrumental students from Year 5 to 7 to join and meet on a weekly basis, throughout the year. The band provides the opportunity to apply their musical knowledge in a real situation. The ‘rock’ tunes they learn and perform are arranged to suit their individual ability levels by a wonderful ex-teacher who comes back every week to be
involved in the band. The band performs at assemblies and community functions, as well as being an integral part of the Rock Crew and our musical productions.

Instrumental Music
At Burnside Primary School instrumental instructors teach strings, brass, piano, flute, guitar and recorder to over 200 students. We have two teachers from the DECD Music Branch who teach 30 students strings and brass. We provide the opportunity for private instructors to come into the school to teach guitar, piano, recorder and flute.

Festival Choir
As part of the Festival of Music, students from Year 6 and Year 7 can choose to be a part of the Festival Choir on a weekly basis over two terms, with a conductor and professional accompanist. A final concert is held at Festival Theatre where students are joined by fellow choristers from schools across South Australia.

School Musical Production – Year 6 and 7
Each year the Musical Production plays an important role in providing an audience for students’ learning in the areas of Music and Drama. The focus is on skill building, teamwork and understanding how different aspects of The Arts come together for a quality performance. The school musical is a great opportunity for budding actors and actresses to showcase their talents. Several hundred students sing, dance and act in this musical extravaganza. The Rock Crew band provides the musical accompaniment. The Norwood Town Hall provides an ideal venue for a professional performance.

Burnside’s Got Talent – Year 3 to Year 5
Is a variety performance where our Year 3, 4 and 5 students showcase their fabulous performing abilities over two nights. Each class provides a themed musical performance with individual students auditioning for an opportunity to perform a solo.

Junior Primary Choir – Reception to Year 2
Junior Primary students join a weekly choir session. Performances take place school assemblies, community functions and Christmas concerts are enjoyed by parents and friends.