The Department for Education Instrumental Music Program is a valuable part of school and offers many students from Year 3 to Year 7 the opportunity to learn an instrument during school hours.

In junior primary, students are exempt from the Instrumental Music Program so they may focus on establishing and developing their early learning skills.

An ‘Expression of Interest’ ‘Edsmart’ email is sent to families at the end of a school year. Registered students commence at the start of the following year. As we are a school of over 800 children, the level of demand is much higher than the places available. Places are allocated according to a child wishing to continue from the previous year and the date an expression of interest form was registered. Vacancies rarely occur once places have been filled.

By completing an ‘Expression of Interest’ form you are not committing yourself or your child/ren. It is an expression of interest only. First priority when placing students is given to continuing students.

It is important for families to understand that being involved in the Instrumental Music Program means students leave their classes for about half an hour once per week. Work missed during this time must be made up (if required by the classroom teacher) in the student’s own time.

Department for Education – Instrumental Music Service

The DfE Instrumental Music Program is an entirely separate program with String instruments offered to students from years 3-7, Brass instruments (trumpet and trombone) offered to years 5-7 and Woodwind instruments (clarinet and saxophone) offered to years 4-7.

Parents and students enrolled in the DfE Instrumental Program must sign an agreement to continue for at least one year.

DfE Instructors are employed by the Department and there is no cost for these lessons.