BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Bringing technology into the classroom is the best way to provide a 21st century learning environment. Devices are increasingly being incorporated into schools because they boost students’ capabilities of learning anytime, and anywhere. Online access in classrooms significantly broadens the scope of the learning experience allowing for creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.

At Burnside Primary School, BYOD is offered to students in Years 4-7 with optional BYOD for students in Year 3. We started phasing in the use of Chromebooks in 2019, with the plan to be using only Chromebooks by 2022.

Our BYOD program is managed by the school. Burnside Primary School will purchase a Google license for each Chromebook, which enables us to manage any number of devices from a simple cloud-based console, regardless of where it was purchased. This also enables access to Google for Education apps including Google Classroom which provides an efficient, effective and innovative learning system that supports our personalised learning environment.

BYOD – Online Ordering Portal

We have partnered with Edunet to provide Secure Online Ordering Portal page.

Please CLICK HERE to make your BYOD order.
The Access Code is BPSSA2021

There are many benefits of purchasing this way including competitive pricing and the ease of having the device set up, ready to go and delivered to your door.
For more information please see the recommended BYOD specification and FAQ letter to parents/Guardians and BYOD Chromebooks Handbook for 2022

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is about confident and positive engagement with digital technologies. We educate our students to have an understanding of the following concepts:
~ Digital and information literacy
~ Internet safety
~ Privacy and security
~ Cyberbullying, etiquette and communication
~ Creative credit and copyright
~ Digital footprint

When participating in our BYOD program, we ask our students to follow the digital citizenship guidelines under these headings:
1. Looking after yourself
2. Looking after others
3. Looking after property

For further information click on the documents below:
~ Digital Citizenship Agreement R-3 ~ Digital Citizen Agreement R-3 2021
~ Digital Citizenship Agreement 4-7 ~ Digital Citizen Agreement 4-7 2021
~ Chromebook User Essential Agreements: TBA