J.S. SPORTS is a private SA based company who has been managing our uniform shop since the 9th November 2016. JS Sports was founded in 1987 and began manufacturing uniforms for schools and clubs in the suburbs of Adelaide. JS SPORTS are committed to delivering products and services to the highest level and in conjunction with their Uniform Shop Manager Justine Van Zander value serving the Burnside Primary Community.

JSS – Uniform Shop Price List:
Price List & Order Form – Burnside Primary School @ 10-7-19
Uniform Collection and General Information – Print PdfBurnside PS – Uniform Collection

Wednesday 2.45pm until 3.45pm
Friday 8.30am until 9.30am

We appreciate donations of second hand uniform items via the front office which are then offered for sale to families at a nominal cost with all proceeds going to the Parents and Friends Association.