Year 7 – 8 Transition Process

At the end of term 1, all Year 7 students will receive an envelope containing important information which begins the transition process from primary school to high school. A ‘Registration of Interest’ (Placement in Year 8 in a SA Government School) ED176 form is included in the pack, which indicates the high school to which your child has been allocated based on their current enrolled address. This information cannot be changed unless adequate proof of residency is submitted.

All STUDENTS ATTENDING GOVERNMENT AND NON-GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOLS MUST RETURN THE ‘Registration of Interest’ ED176 form to the Burnside Primary School Front Office by the due date.

All students enrolling at a government high school MUST return the ‘Registration of Interest’ ED176 form by the due date indicating which government school they will be attending.
Students, who are enrolling at a government school under the sibling rights rule, must include a photocopy of the sibling student ID card with their ‘Registration of Interest’ ED176 form.
Families will be notified of the outcome of their child’s placement on by the end of August of their Year 7 year.

GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL Enrolment Process for schools outside of zone
Written submissions requesting enrolment at another high school other than the zoned high school must address the following criteria:
Curriculum eg: (music, language)
Social and family reasons eg: (cousin or other family member)
Location and transport
Department for Education staff manage this process and parents will be notified in writing of the outcome by mid term 3

The Department for Education is required to ensure every student is accounted for as a continuing student when moving from primary to high school.
Therefore ALL students enrolling in a NON-GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL MUST return the ‘Registration of Interest’ ED176 form no later than Friday 25th May, 2018 stating which non-government high school they will be attending in 2019.

Enter for Success (form enclosed in your envelope) will be available for all Australian and Torres Strait Islander Students. If this program applies to your child please ensure the EFS form is returned with your ED176 form.

Reference letters from teachers do not apply unless it is to register for Marryatville High School Instrumental Music Service Program