Among the many things we pride ourselves on at Burnside Primary School is the commitment and dedication from our parents. We have a strong and active Parent and Friends’ Association (P&F), and the more people become involved, the stronger our community becomes.

All parents of students at Burnside Primary School are automatically members of the Parents and Friends. By being a part of the Parents and Friends you have the opportunity to gain an informed insight into the running of the school and contribute to its overall future development.

At the AGM, the Parents and Friends elect an Executive Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The AGM is held at the final meeting of each year.

All parents are committee members and we love to see you at the meetings, which are held twice a term, generally in the staff room. The meetings aim to draw together individuals from the school community, to form an enthusiastic and coherent team. Minutes of the meetings are distributed via School Stream

A member of leadership generally attends the P&F meetings and provides a report relating to school issues. There is also a chance for open discussion and questions you may have regarding issues that affect students and their educational experience at Burnside Primary School.


At the beginning of your child’s school year one or more parent representatives are selected from each class. Parent representatives are encouraged to attend the Parents and Friends meetings to facilitate a point of contact between the school and the other parents in the class.

Some of the other roles of the parent representatives include:

  • Organising class contact lists for distribution amongst parents
  • Organising social gatherings for the class, e.g. coffee mornings, dinners and gatherings in the park
  • Coordinating the running of a class stall or activity for the school fairs
  • Coordinating assistance from parents in the class for the many P&F events, e.g. Fun-run-a-thon, Mother’s and Father’s Day stall etc
  • Sharing information from P&F meetings with parents in the class
  • The President is a community member on Governing Council.

    The Parents and Friends Executive Committee:

    President: Rob Jurd
    Vice President: Natalie Pettman
    Secretary: Karen Mudge
    Treasurer: Sheryl Gee