Way2Go Bike Education Program

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In term 2 our Year 5 students will be participating in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s (DPTI) Way2Go Bike Ed program.
Way2Go Bike Ed is a practical bicycle education program targeting students from year 4-7. It will be delivered by qualified instructors and is well supported by the Way2Go Bike Ed teacher resource.

Through participation in Way2Go Bike Ed our students will:

  • build on their knowledge and understanding of the road laws and traffic environments
  • develop bike handling and maintenance skills
  • develop decision making skills for off and on-road bike riding

  • The Way2Go Bike Ed program supports students to understand their responsibilities in keeping themselves and others safe. It builds on essential life skills so that students can live an active life and learn about sustainable travel.
    Each student will participate in (description here of delivery mode). During this time students who own a bicycle are required to bring it to school. Safe storage will be provided.

    What you need to know and do

    Before the program begins:

  • Ask questions if you have any and return the permission slip by the due date
  • If your child has a medical condition make sure that you have notified the school. You must advise of any changes to appropriate action and ensure medication provided has not expired.
  • Qualified mechanics will check that all bikes use in the program are safe and roadworthy before the program begins. Bikes can be stored on the tennis courts where they can be locked.
  • Make arrangements with your child about how to transport her/his bike to school. This is a great opportunity for them to consider factors that influence trip planning, and contribute to their travel arrangements to and from school.
  • During the program

    Ensure your child wears appropriate clothing (avoid skirts and flared pants) and closed footwear during the sessions.
    If you receive a notice of minor repairs required after the first session, carry out the required repairs before the next session so that your child can participate. Access to the limited number of bicycles provided by Bicycle SA will be prioritised for students who do not own a bicycle.
    If you have offered to be a parent volunteer stay alert to communications throughout the program. Let teachers and instructors know what you feel comfortable doing and most of all have fun!

    To support your child’s development throughout the program consider the following:

  • Talk with your child after each session. What did they learn, enjoy, find challenging?
  • Read and discuss your child’s learning through their student learning journal
  • Why not take those newly learnt skills and use them on the weekend between sessions? Just like reading, the more we practice the better we get

  • In the metropolitan area hardcopy Walking and Cycling Maps and Cycle Instead Journey Planner cards are available to your school. Ask for a copy to identify quiet local streets and nearby off-road shared paths you could use. In a regional area ask your local Council if they have local maps.

    After the program

    Way2Go Bike Ed provides the foundation for children to enjoy riding safely. Ongoing opportunities to practise can be created by:

  • Riding to school, starting with a day a week. Consider allowing your child to ride 2-3 days a week as she/he becomes more independent
  • Joining or forming a school riding group. It’s a great way to share supervision and save time

  • If you have further questions discuss this with your child’s classroom teacher in the first instance. If they are unable to answer your questions they will forward your enquiry to your Way2Go Bike Ed School Co-ordinator.

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