At Burnside Primary School we see sport as an extremely important part of the schools curriculum.

The Sports Sub Committee comprises of a Convenor, the Manager of Sport (Deputy Principal), the Sports Administrator, Sport Delegates and parents who have joined the committee to contribute to sport at Burnside Primary.

The Sports Sub Committee reports directly to the Schools Governing Council. The Committee oversees the management and coaching of all teams, equipment, budgets and is responsible for the general management of After School Sport.

The Committee undertakes the following:

· Meet regularly during each term,

· Receive reports and updates from Sports Delegates in their respective sports,

· Address any issues that arise within sport,

· Action Sports Improvement Surveys,

· Review the Sports Policy every two years and plan future directions.

A summary of the current Sports Sub Committee members:

CONVENOR – Susan Logan

MEMBERS – Jennifer Reid, Keren Faulkner, Tony Di Matteo, Andy Will, Ingrid Oakes, Ben Atkins, Kirsty Goldsworthy, Andrew Newland and Michelle Bament

STAFF MEMBERS – Derek Ince, Jaime Will, Cindy Karlis and Brad Schutz



 Each After School Sport requires a Specific Sports Delegate. Sports Delegates are predominantly Parents or Care Providers who have a child involved with that particular sport. The Sports Delegate is required to become a member of the Sports Sub Committee and provide a small summary report back to the committee at each meeting (during that sports season).

The BPS SPORT DELEGATE is the primary point of contact between the sport specific Coaches/Managers and BPS Sports Admin Staff.

 The BPS Sports Admin Staff support the BPS SPORT DELEGATE by providing appropriate administration assistance to enable them to carry out the role.


  • Actively promote and recruit of players, coaches, mangers to team(s).
  • Assist BPS Sport Admin Staff with team administration, uniform and equipment requirements.
  • Attend sport association meetings as a representative of BPS.
  • Attend Sport Committee Meetings.
  • Coordinate team photos and certificates and email to BPS Sports Admin Staff
  • Assist with SAPSASA selection process in conjunction with P.E Teacher if required
  • Is informed of and resolves any issues relating to that particular sport in conjunction with BPS Sports Admin Staff.

The Sports Delegate has a large responsibility to ensure that sport is running smoothly and all issues are dealt with and resolved at the earliest possible convenience.


To view the Sports Sub Committee Minutes from the Meeting held on ??????????? please click here

If you are interested in joining the Committee please contact Brad Schutz on 0439 840 776.